2nd Chance

Rebuild your Business Reputation Online

2ndChance is Mahadhi Technologies’ unique and innovative service for all individuals, companies and products, which have bad online reputation. Bad online reputation includes bad reviews about the individual, company or product, and/or complaints in social forums, etc. The worst part is when the company has got more bad reviews, many search engines throws key word suggestion which directs to the complaint or review page adding fuel to the fire. When that happens, the company’s footfall will reduce drastically and the number of customers willing buy or take service will get reduced. Many companies have closed down their product or even changed their name due to their bad online reputation, which results in complete loss of brand and other legal process which they have done earlier. This is equivalent to start the whole business again.

It gets worse as people these days even rate about the company or product in Social Media such as FaceBook, Twitter, etc., creating even more bad impact about the company. We at Mahadhi Technologies, feel that everybody should be given a 2ndChance, to correct their feedbacks and to shine in business again. We help you get that 2ndChance by effectively redressing the issues/constructive feedback given by the customers and get you/your business on track. We have highly-skilled professionals who are in to reputation management, through which we help you recover from the disaster and bring a good online reputation management. We have strong value and rest assured that your details will be kept as confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone unless or until they are involved in the project. Who can get 2ndChance in building online reputation…

1. Individuals: At some point of time people might get bad online reputation which greatly affects their career, marriage or any future prospects. For instance, a CEO of an organization might get a bad name or reputation from a skeptic, which brings bad notion to that individual as well as the company. We help you in bringing back the good reputation by effectively redressing the issues, and optimizing to bring a positive outlook.

2. Company: The growth of any organization depends on the reputation that they have built during period of time. In the current scenario, people rely on online to know the reviews about the company they wish to seek service/product. Having bad reputation not only brings down the footfalls but also result in danger of losing existing customers. At Mahadhi Technologies, we help you get second chance for redressing and bringing back your business on track.

3. Product: Having bad reviews for even a single product in the entire product offerings could greatly affect the reputation of company as a whole. Online media serves as a major source to read reviews and comments about various products and it is very unlikely that people will buy a product without reading the reviews about it. It has become a trend that only with product with good reviews fairs well. We help you redress feedbacks and in face lifting the product.

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