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Banking and Financial Services – Past and Present Trends

Banking and Financial Services have been prevailing in the world ever since Fourteenth Century. Banking was initially done using a ledger books and account books through which all the account details, and transactions were recorded. It was a very tedious process since it involves extensive computation and storing these data is laborious. The number of people using these services increased exponentially. The number of banks and branches grew in parallel with the increasing population and number of people using banking and financial services. It became practically impossible to manage the accounts and banking services through book keeping and account books.

With the advent of advanced computation and information technology, banking and financial services have improved a lot. It started with a simple accounting software for maintaining the bank accounts and with the online applications. Slowly, banking and financial services sectors have started leveraging the database and data warehousing concepts which resulted in evolution of advanced banking concepts. In the present trend, banking and financial services can be done on the go. The days of waiting in a long queue to deposit and withdraw money have been long gone. The advent of ATMs, NEFT, RTGS, and FOREX have saved a lot of time and made banking much easier. The mobile banking and net banking are widely appreciated and leveraged by all. There are many advancement happening in the banking and financial sector for better user experience.

Our Contribution:

Mahadhi Technologies offers best solutions for the Banking and Financial by leveraging best-in-class tools and techniques. At Mahadhi Technologies, we offer excellent solutions for both banking and financial services. We have developed unique online solutions integrating the latest concepts of databases and data warehousing. The solution which we have developed can be custom made for client needs and demands. We have strong expertise in security and our applications are designed with excellent security systems. The applications which we develop are of top-notch emphasizing of every detail. We have come up with the comprehensive ERP tool for both banking and financial sectors.

Mahadhi Technologies has developed tool for Risk Management, Transaction Processing and Accounting Solutions. Risk Management is an exhaustive tool that is built using SMEs taking into considerations various parameters and factors. It can feed on data on hourly basis and various cash inflows and outflows can be easily monitored thereby making the application a perfect model for risk management. Transaction processing system helps in maintaining cash inflows and outflows and various reports can be obtained using the transaction processing system. Mahadhi Technologies develops best-in-class ERP for banking and financial services.

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