5 Reasons Why One Should Have Responsive Website

1. Horizontal Scrolling:

One of the most annoying thing, while viewing the websites designed using old technologies through tablets or smartphones, is the loss of continuity while reading the content. The screen is small to accommodate the entire website and one need to horizontally scroll through the website to read a sentence, which cuts the flow and interest of the viewers. The new HTML 5 and CSS 3 designed websites adapts itself to the size and resolution of the device through which it is viewed, leaving a good impression to the viewers. With the increasing number of smartphone and tablet users it is really a mandate to have responsive website designed using HTML 5 and CSS 3

2. Retina Ready:

Second major drawback of having websites designed using older version of HTML and CSS is that the image clarity is lost while viewed through HD displays. The number of users using HD display devices such as iPads, iPhones, Tablets and other smartphones have increased considerably and website being the face of a company/product/service in online media should be visually appealing and should be compatible in displaying images crisply.

3. Client-side Database:

Client-side database is one of the major advantages of HTML 5. It is the process of storing the data in the HTML for the following reasons

  • Ultra responsiveness
  • Quick loading time
  • Easy accessibility

4. Geo location Support:

Other beautiful feature of HTML 5 is Geo location. With Geo location APIs, one can easily make locations generated using GPS or other methods. These features are readily available in all the HTML 5 compatible browsers/browser-based applications

5. Enhanced Validation in Forms:

One other advantage in leveraging the HTML 5 is that, form validation have become easier when compared to previous versions. Moreover, it reduces the need of JS in form validation making life of a design much easier.

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