Act in time, before it becomes catastrophe

Online Media’s Influence

World has gone digital and maintaining good renown in the online media has become imperative. Be it an individual, business or product, having good reputation is needed to put across themselves well in the society. We live in the era where people started to …

  • Buy all kind of products from apparels to electronic appliances such as mobile phones, computer hardware, etc., through online retail shops
  • Seek various design/technological services in web
  • Look out for online health consultants to get expert advice on their ailments
  • Find bride or groom through online matrimonial services

When and how your online reputation is affected

Having known these facts, everyone should be cautious about their reputation in online media. Be aware of what is told about you, your business or product in social media websites or in the web forums. It is said that “what we sow is what we reap”, days are gone where a poor-performing company can thrive in the market, and people are so proactive in rating and writing review about a company, service or product. It has become a habit to everyone to rate a product in the web, based on the quality. They give positive reviews if the quality is satisfactory and give constructive or bad reviews if the quality is pathetic.

Online Reputation and its effects on Companies/Products

One must know the right time to act and ensure that good quality products/services are delivered to the customers. If not, company will not only lose the existing customers but also lose their prospective customers. People are so knowledgeable that before they buy or avail any service, they tend to do a market study on the quality, price and company’s reviews that is why it is an obligation to have a good online reputation. It is necessary for any company which wants to strive in the market to have good reputation.

Online Reputation and its effects on Individuals

Online Reputation not only restrains from affecting company and products but also affects Individuals. Posting reviews or comments on individual also has become a new trend. Chances are likely that people who are having grudge on others might write bad reviews on rivals. Individuals can be affected in the following ways…

  • Individuals might lose their job opportunity, when employer reads bad comments on them
  • It might even affect individuals marriage proposal
  • Comment on famous personalities like CEO/CXOs of a company might also bring down the reputation of that company

The false reviews are to be battled and brought down, and if review is apt, we at Mahadhi Technologies feel 2nd Chance to be given to make countermeasures to bring back their reputation. Stay connected with us to know more on 2nd Chance. We end this short note by saying this famous quote from Henry Ford

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”

Think smart, Act fast to get a good online reputation.

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