Why Colleges/Universities Should Have Website

Colleges and universities are integral part of the education industry. It plays a vital role in shaping up students and help them realize their dreams. Such a powerful and integral institution should definitely have a website which possess all the information about the college or university. These days people are so technologically advanced that they gather information through web and it has become mandatory that any organization should have a website depicting all their information. Website acts as a online face of the college or university. Now that why colleges or universities should have website is answered, let’s do a deep dive on what features it should possess.

Features of College/University Website:

  1. Complete information about various courses taught in particular college or university should be listed.
  2. Information on each department such as number of staffs and their profile, various laboratories, projects done at the departments, university ranks, department laurels, etc.
  3. Information about various sports facilities available in the campus, laurels, upcoming sports events, etc.
  4. Information on various research and development activities happening in the institution. Various research facilities available in the campus, projects done so far, fundings, etc.
  5. Various events, activities, examination schedule, important dates are to be displayed at the home page.
  6. Alumni portal should be present through which discussions can be done.
  7. Details about placement activities such as job openings, campus recruitment dates, list of candidates placed, etc.
  8. Portal for admissions
  9. Contact information with maps, contact details of individual departments, etc.
  10. Picture gallery of various events, cultural activities, etc.
  11. Separate information/download page which contains all the subject lesson plans, course materials, question banks, answer keys and study-related materials should be present.
  12. Discussion forum where students and professors can discuss about various technologies, projects, and clarify doubts.
  13. Advisable to build college/university website using latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 in order to make it responsive.

Following is the brief about why a college or university should revamp their existing website to a responsive one …

1. Technological Advancement:
We live in an era where mobile phones, and tablets rule the world. Both parents and the students have smart phones or tablets and they are connected to the web through their gadgets. Having a website which loads/displays information in visually appealing way is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but ‘must-to-have’. Website of a college or university should be engaging the students and moreover it should be device friendly.

2. Stay Upgraded:
Is it not a mandate that an university or a college, which offers a course on Information Technology or Computer Science, to have their website built using the latest technologies? Definitely it is. It is high time that all the colleges upgrade their website with latest technologies.

3. Beautiful Layouts:
Using latest technologies enables or gives freedom to innovate and design new layouts. It helps in creating better layouts or formats through which data can be easily presented. End the boring layouts by giving life to your information.

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