Few Organization in Need of ERP

Enterprise Resource and Planning is a software application which can be introduced in any enterprise irrespective of its size small, medium or large. ERP is the most comprehensive tool which automates the entire company right from framing the business process to the human resource management and customer relationship management.

Where ERP is used?

Enterprise Resource and Planning can be leveraged in any industry such as Automobile, Health-care, Education, etc.

Some of its uses:
  • Product planning/cost planning
  • Manufacturing or service delivery
  • Procurement, Marketing and Sales
  • Inventory management
  • logistics and payments
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Corporate performance & governance
  • Material Recourse Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Asset Management
Automobile Industry:

Automobile is a huge industry which includes Manufacturing Plant, Dealers and Distributors, Assembling Plants, Car Decors, Car Repair and Service Industry, etc. Manufacturing Plant consists of various processes and each are interlinked. If all processes are automated and well defined the operational efficiency can be achieved easily. With the ERP implemented in automobile organizations, effective utilization of resources and plant capacity can be achieved, which in turn brings down operation cost and thereby contribute to overall income.

Health-Care Industry:

This industry includes hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies. In hospitals there is a need to organize In-patients, Out-patients, appointments with doctors / availability of doctors, scheduling of Operation theater, booking of MRI/X-ray/CT scans. The availability and location of ambulance is very crucial, which when automated can reduce the communication lag between the patient-end and hospital representative-end, thereby increasing the probability/chances of survival to the ambulance using patient.

In pharmaceutical where batch production is followed, ERP can address the issue of over-production and under-production by effectively adjusting the production rate with respect to order from/demand in the market.


There are lots of applications of ERP in education, new ways of implementation are found each day. Procurement of books for library, stationery goods, uniform dresses, etc ., management of information inside the campus and effective communication with the outer world both academia and non-academic.
The time lag involved in accessing information like availability/location of a particular book/journal etc brings down human effort needed so that the workforce indulges in some other important work.

Modern Trends:

We are at the age of “Internet of Things” wherein every device that is internet enabled is connected to a smart network. Earlier there was a need to have different systems / software to negotiate between a main server and hand-held devices/computers. Today with the invention of responsive technology and device-friendly user interface, wherein the software is like water, in terms of taking its shape based on the device it is being accessed with. Having an ERP which is light, device-friendly and on-the-go is the need of the hour.

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