Machine Learning

Machine learning is a field of science with tags such as Artificial intelligence, Pattern recognition, etc. The basic idea is to enable a computational device such as a computer to learn from sample patterns or datasets which will help it create an effective algorithm to solve the problem or to compute without user interruption. In simple words the computer is enabled to process a given data/pattern by itself.

It is mainly used for mathematical optimization, computational statistics; Image processing, data processing, Digital & analog signal processing, Optical character recognition, Search engine algorithms, E-mail spam filtering, network firewall, and data mining. It helps us with predictive analysis/analytics, predictive modelling, and any sorts of forecasts such as financial forecast, sales forecast etc.

Consumer Behaviour:
Consumer behaviour deals with whom? (A person, a group, an organization) buys/sells/uses/ what? (Products, services, ideas) and why? (To satisfy their needs, wants) and how this whole process has an impact over the life of the consumer. The aim is to understand the buying & consumption pattern of the consumers, understand their needs/wants/motives to buy/sell/use a particular product, and to understand what type/category of consumers are so based on demographic variables.

Website Machine Learning:
As the name suggest, website machine learning is the artificial intelligence of a website, it refers to the ability of the website to perform certain tasks without human interference. Website such as Facebook, Google etc. employ complex algorithms that enable the website on the whole to react differently to different users in different scenarios. Today machine learning is the need of the hour for websites because they are required to take decisions/do processing works on their own.

E-commerce basically is performing business in electronic form. E-commerce is a facilitator of electronic business which uses what is called as “portals” which are basically websites but they offer more features such as electronic transactions/payment options and they offer user login capabilities for a customized shopping experience. Website machine learning is employed here for the purpose of analytics such as consumer behaviour, demand, purchase/consumption pattern, pricing strategy, income/expenditure analysis, and general web-analytics such as areas of interest within the website window area etc. which will lead to decisions towards effective utilization of screen’s real estate.

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