Does an offline business requires online reputation management?

The question of whether offline business requires online reputation management still exists in the minds of all the offline businessmen. Be it any business irrespective of nature, product/service based or online/offline, managing reputation online is imperative. With increasing awareness and connectivity to web, people started reading reviews and posting reviews about various services, products they use. Almost all the company/product/service, whether it is an online or offline has got an online presence. Major search engine such as Google and Bing provide provision to read/write reviews about the products/services, even Social Media websites such as Google+, Facebook have adapted similar functionalities to bring aware of people various services/product quality. This definitely makes every business owner to be aware of their business’s online reputation and in order to get good footfall they need to manage their reputation well.

To understand better, consider a simple example of an automobile industry. Earlier, people who look forward to buy a car go to different showrooms personally and gather details about various features, price ranges models, etc. With the advent of IT and internet, people now is provided with the leisure of checking these details through online. These information are directly posted in their respective websites by the manufacturers/dealers. Also, there are many third-party websites/applications which constantly update the details in their portal. These websites and portals are augmented with review functionality, which enables people to read and write reviews about the cars they purchase on various grounds. Things have gone serious from then and based on the inputs from people, ratings are made for the cars based on Quality, Value for money, etc. This gives every prospective car purchaser a clear picture of what they look forward to buy. If a particular car performs pathetic, it is more likely it gets bad ratings and chance of people opting it reduces drastically. This is how offline business such as a car dealers affected by online reputation. The same holds good for all the other industries which offer offline product/service.

To put in a nutshell, if you run a business [offline/online], you have an obligation to maintain good online reputation. We end this by saying “Do well and you will be rated well”.
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