Client: Atma Vicharam

Yoga Classes and Camps

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Atma Vichara Yoga

About Client: Pioneer in Yoga and Art of Living Classes

Nature of Business: Yoga and Art of Living Training


Services they sought from Mahadhi Technologies:


Client’s Requirement:

Client wanted to create a new logo for the Training Classes conducted which is spiritual and energetic.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Creative Team delivered the logo with following features

  • Lotus depicts Spirituality
  • Lotus also denotes the asana in Yoga
  • Seven petals in the lotus depict seven kshetras and seven chakras
  • Five stars represent the five elements (Panja Bootham)
  • Leaves represent the prosperity
  • The water represents people


Client’s Requirement:

Client wanted a website for their online presence.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Web Design Team delivered responsive and content-rich website.

Content Writing

Client’s Requirement:

Client wanted to develop content for the website.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Content Writing Team delivered content which is brief describing all the details about the course.

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