Client: Performance Max

A Car care and Performance Studio

  • Performance Max Logo, Flyer and Visiting Card Design
  • Performance Max Website Design
  • Performance Max Responsive Design

Performance Max

About Client: Car Decor and Performance Studio

Nature of Business: Sales and Service of Automobile Parts, Car Care, Performance Products


Services they sought from Mahadhi Technologies:


Client’s Requirement:

Client needed a logo with some car parts which depicts performance increase. Initially, they wanted structure similar to analog speedometer. The speculated deadline committed was 7 days.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Creative Team came up with the digital tachometer that is in full throttle position. Later we added carbon fiber background to the logo. Client was extremely happy with the logo and concept, since we came up with the LED hoarding design for the shop, which was successfully implemented and got appreciation from everyone. Furthermore, we could deliver the final version of logo within 3 days.


Client’s Requirement:

Client gave us full liberty and trusted in framing a tagline for their Company.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Creative Team came up with many tag lines, amongst many ‘GET TUNED’ was opted since there was lot of energy and Performance Max mainly focus on Performance Tuning and Ramp up.


Client’s Requirement:

Client wanted us to have dark background with carbon fiber texture to go in line with their shop’s interiors. Furthermore, they needed a creative design and the speculated deadline was 20 days.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Web Design Team after analyzing the client’s requirement:, came up with the black carbon fiber background for the website. We made simple, creative and clean design for the website depicting all their services, products, attributes of the company, and with working Contact Us form.

Graphic Design

Client’s Requirement:

Furthermore, Client sought us for various poster, banner, and pamphlets. Client needed trendy and visually appealing design for the print media.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Graphics Design Team came up with the excellent design which is trendy and visually appealing. Moreover, we delivered HQ images suited for Print Media, so as to get good output.

Software Development

Client’s Requirement:

Client after searching in vain for exclusive software that helps in managing complete Organization, approached us for software development that helps in complete management of the company. The specific requirements are it should have comprehensive billing, human resource management and customer relationship management which is cost effective.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Software Development Team, after long and detailed meeting with client and their support staff developed and deployed a comprehensive Enterprise Resource and Planning, ‘Modity’ with modules such as Supply Chain Automation, Biometric Attendance and Human Resource Management, Inventory Control, Detailed Reporting, and Customized Billing Modules. We went an extra mile by making the software audit-ready.

Product Delivered:
Modity Logo
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