Client: Trans Express Freight Lines

Logistics and Freight Forwarding

  • TEFL Logo
  • TEFL Website Design
  • TEFL Responsive Design


About Client: Logistics

Nature of Business: Logistics and Freight Services


Services they sought from Mahadhi Technologies:


Client’s Requirement:

Client gave us the liberty to design logo for their company, however, they needed a logo which go in line with their business.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Creative Team delivered the logo with the following specs

  • Blue color was used in the logo since it is common for both water and air
  • View point from Left to Right depicts Air Container and that of Right to Left depicts Cargo carrier. Both are the prime source of the Logistics and Freight
  • Flight is in ascention mode signifies the growth of company in right side.
  • Ship sails depicts the traditional values of the company as ships are earliest carriers of freight.


Client’s Requirement:

Client wanted a website which is rich in content and features.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Web Design Team delivered the website which is Clean, Simple and Responsive Design. Lot of widgets were integrated in the website for the viewers to leverage. Widgets which are integrated includes Currency Convertors, Unit Convertors, Work Clock, Incoterms, etc.

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