Client: VTranscriptions

US-based Medical Transcription Company

  • Vtranscriptions Logo and Website Design


About Client: US-based Medical Transcription Company

Nature of Business: Medical Coding and Transcription Services


Services they sought from Mahadhi Technologies:


Client’s Requirement:

Client wanted us to redesign the logo for their company, no specific requirement was given to us.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Creative Team delivered the logo with following features

  • Voice Signal as it is Transcription of Voice to Text Root of Transcription - Square Root or Tree Root!
  • Blue and Red are in US FLag as most of the clients are from the US


Client’s Requirement:

Client wanted us to fix bug in their existing website and maintain it.

Mahadhi’s Solution:

Our Web Design Team resolved all the bugs present in the image carousels, we also fixed the errors in the contact form.

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