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Code of Conduct & Ethics

At Mahadhi Technologies we strongly adhere to good business practices and ethics, which makes us to have a long-term relationship with all our clients. We consider our responsibility and reputation as our prime mandate.
We have strong values on how we do our business, which are well-appreciated. The Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy sets forth legal & ethical standards that apply to all employees.
The objective of framing code of conduct and ethics is to impart honesty, ethical conduct and law-abiding behavior to every employee of Mahadhi Technologies. All employees are expected to follow this code fully and are encouraged to report any non-observances.

  1. Professional and Ethical Conduct:
    • All the employees of Mahadhi Technologies are expected to act as representative of the Company with high professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethical standards. All the conduct are to be fair and transparent and be perceived as such by clients and third parties.
    • All the employees are to be treated equally irrespective of caste, gender or any such discrimination and are expected to behave with honorably and respectfully.
    • All employees, vendors and service providers should be selected on merit, without any conflict of interest or favoritism. Appropriate disclosures should be made wherever required to maintain transparency.
  2. Equal opportunities and dealings:
    Mahadhi Technologies abides human rights and comply fair, non-discriminatory dealings at all levels. There will not be any discrimination based on race, religion, gender, place of origin, and caste and all the employees will be given equal opportunities.
  3. Interest towards company:
    All employees are expected not to engage in any business, activity or relationship which brings conflict to the interest of the company. Everyone in Mahadhi Technologies are expected to pay fullest attention to the business interests of the Company and are restraint from other activities that hinder their official performance or responsibilities to the Company.
  4. Legal and Regulatory affairs:
    All the employees of Mahadhi Technologies should be amenable with all the laws and regulations put forth by the Company at all times and should be well-aware of such laws and regulations in relations to their area of work.
  5. Resources:
    Mahadhi Technologies deploys resources which are both tangible and intangible for the purpose of conducting business and expects all the employees not to leverage those for any personal use/benefit or to misuse any of the resources.
  6. Resource conscience:
    Mahadhi Technologies expects all the employees to use the resources optimally and there is no wastage of any form of resource or energy.
  7. Intellectual Property Rights:
    Mahadhi Technologies has strong Intellectual Property Rights and ensures that all the inventions and innovations done during the course of business are the property of Mahadhi Technologies and expects all the employees to take necessary caution that there is no loss of such information and maintain highest confidentiality.
  8. Transparency:
    Mahadhi Technologies always have transparent work culture and expects all the employees to be transparent in the matter of business conduct expect where there is a need of business security.
  9. Corporate Opportunities:
    Mahadhi Technologies expects all the employees to ensure that Company will not lose any benefit due to the negligence or irresponsible behavior of any kind. All the benefits accruing to the company are to be leveraged only for the Company purpose.
  10. Records:
    All the records pertaining to the Company are to be up to date, in full compliance with rules and regulations. Necessary precautions to be taken so that these records does not fall in wrong hands.
  11. Confidentiality:
    Mahadhi Technologies expects all the employees to maintain highest confidentiality of the confidential information they come across in the organization. They are expected to ensure that these information does not fall to outsiders unless they impact them.
  12. Corporate Communication:
    Mahadhi Technologies allocates person responsible for press and media communication and only the person responsible should interact with the press and media in matters concerning the Company.
  13. Reports and Communications:
    Mahadhi Technologies expects that all the employees who provides information to the company or to the public to be factually correct, complete and shall not provide any misunderstanding or unintended harm.
  14. Political activities:
    Mahadhi Technologies believes in fairness and equality and will not indulge in any political inclinations and shall not participate in any political activities or contributions

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