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Logo Designs/Redesigns:

Logo is the face of the company and is an important element when it comes to a company’s marketing management, brand image and identity. Though logo is just an image, it speaks volumes about the company when it’s designed effectively. At Mahadhi Technologies we analyze our client’s line of business, name of the company and get inputs from our clients if they have any opinion or ideas in their mind on how their logo should appear. Later on we start drawing hand sketches and send it across to our clients to choose the logo which they like the most. While designing we keep in mind various factors such as Company Name, Line of Business, Shape specification from clients, etc. All our design concepts have positive energy, since we design according to Vastu Shastra.

We at Mahadhi Technologies have an eye for detailing and all our designs have concepts that will run for volumes. Client satisfaction is our foremost priority and we strive to deliver the best meeting the committed deadline. We also redesign the already existing client logo giving it a good shape and energy.


Tagline is also one of the key criteria that helps in branding the company. An effective tagline should be short, precise, explaining the nature/USP of the company. When taglines are coined efficiently it can be used as an effective marketing tool.

Mentioned below is to give a clear idea what we speak of detail. We have summarized what our Logo actually means...

Mahadhi Logo Demystified

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