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Arunachala Village School: Mahadhi Technologies proactively involves in helping a village school, Arunachala Village School, Thiruvannamalai. Mahadhi Technologies, in this initiative, builds the logo and web site for the village school. Mahadhi Technologies also proactively organizes fundraising events through Social Media and Internet Marketing. Mahadhi Technologies team also does the Knowledge transfer and training to the students of Arunachala Village School. Mahadhi Technologies provides technology solutions to the school through which the automation of fund transfer is achieved and ensures the fund transfer occurs smoothly.

Arunachala Village School:

Tejas Seva Trust : Tejas Seva Trust is a welfare trust started by the group of young people for the purpose promoting environmental education, conservation of natural resources, helping poor children, educate the illiterates and knowledge of medicine without any profit motive by entrusting donations as corpus fund. Tejas Seva Trust aims at helping the students get quality education and medication, bringing environmental awareness to the students and countrymen, conserving the environment by various activities and camps. Mahadhi Technologies provided logo and web design for the trust and our team has always wanted to involve in bringing environmental awareness and enlightening people with the knowledge. We are the active members of the Tejas Seva Trust and jointly help the society to become a better place.

Tejas Seva Trust:
  • CSR Since : Dec 2013
  • Contact : Mr. V.N. Ariharan
  • Website :
  • Service : Destitute Caring
  • Category: Web Design

Regenboog India Foundation: Reegenbog is a Non-Governmental Organization which aims in maintaining the environmental serenity in the Thiruvannamalai Hills. Mahadhi Technologies provides design solutions to the Reegenbog. Mahadhi Technologies sponsors logo design and web designing work and also the technological solutions to this organization. Mahadhi Technologies also organizes the environmental awareness campaigns through Social Media and Mahadhi Technologies team actively involves in the environmental protection.

Regenboog India Foundation:
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