Desktop/Offline Application Development

Offline/Desktop applications are installed in the Desktops/Laptops of the particular organization and mainly limited to the particular system where it has been installed. Though web applications are trending and has advantages over desktop application as far as accessibility is concerned, Offline/Desktop application has its own advantages which cannot be achieved using web applications. The main advantages of offline/desktop applications include

  • Secure: The main advantage of the offline/desktop application over the web application is that offline/desktop applications are more secure comparatively. The main reason being the offline/desktop applications are installed in the stand-alone computers and all the data stored in the database are only in the stand-alone systems and not in the servers.
  • Fast and reliable: Though there is much advancement in the web application technologies to ensure the application is up running most of the time but still there are external factors which affects the reliability and swiftness. Offline/desktop applications are in the upper hand when it comes to the reliability and swiftness.

Though there is increase in the online/web/cloud applications there is still the need for desktop applications. We have a dedicated team to build desktop applications. We have developed many desktop applications like Billing Software. We have caliber to develop a small desktop application to complex desktop applications. Reach out to us to know more.

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