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Education Industry and IT - Past and Present

Education industry is a vast and everlasting field which includes schools, colleges, and universities. Education industry has been existed from time immemorial and has evolved greatly in a due course of time. In any education institution student details, and other documentation works plays a vital role.

Previously, all the data and information were recorded in the ledger. From the student admission forms to the transfer certificates, all the data were recorded in the papers and ledger books. The storage and retrieval of this information was an arduous task which involves looking up in all those ledger books which runs for volumes of pages. These pain points initiated the need for automation and information systems in the educational industry.

With the advancement in the electronics and IT sectors these pain points were addressed and the retrieval of information has become facile. Database and data warehousing concepts have eased the process and these revolutionized these education industry. By automating the process the efficacy of the workflow will increase greatly. Many educational institutes have moved to this new advancement and thereby the process efficacy has improved and the catering of prospective enquiries has become easy.

Our Contribution:

Mahadhi Technologies provides excellent solution in the field of education industry. Education is one of the important fields which shape the students in becoming the good citizen. In the current scenario, administration of an educational institution is a laborious task at hand. Right from enrolling the student to the institution till the graduation and pass out, involves great amount of time and effort. Furthermore, the educational institution involves more number of departments and more number of persons. Coordinating among all of them was never an easy task. By analyzing all these hitches, Mahadhi Technologies started to consult and provide solutions for educational institutions.

Mahadhi Technologies, having expertise in the field of Information Systems, ERP, Data Warehousing Tools, Online Application Development, has come up with excellent solution transcend the hitches in the field of education. Mahadhi Technologies’ team constantly consults with education institutions in bringing up the quality standards. Mahadhi Technologies has developed a web-based application for online examination where all the features are customizable by the examiner. Furthermore, Mahadhi Technologies also provides Enterprise Resource Planning for the educational institutions and constantly into developing innovative solutions for the education industry

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