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Healthcare Industry and IT - Past and Present

Healthcare industry is one of the fast-growing industries. With increasing population, number of new healthcare providers also has increased considerably. Healthcare industry includes hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, insurance providers, etc.

The usage of IT in the healthcare industry has been tremendously increased when compared to early 90s. It has been leveraged by all the healthcare-related industries. Quality and time management are main factors in the healthcare industry. IT provides excellent solutions in the healthcare industry and it is time-efficient when compared to older contemporary methods. IT plays a vital role data storage and retrieval. With advancement of various databases and technologies, Information System (IS) has reached new heights. Medical imaging is another area where IT is leveraged to provide best results. Medical coding, billing, drug design, and discovery are backboned by IT.

Medical records were earlier stored in papers and were tedious to maintain, and had many guardrails in storing it for long run. By the advancement of the Information System even the medical image records can be preserved for a long run and at ease. Hospital Information System (HIS) is one of the key tools which aid the hospitals to store, retrieve and do many more applications which help hospital authorities in many ways. Hospital Information System has become a must-have application in all the hospitals.

Hospital Information System is comprehensive tool which is designed for managing hospital operations such as medical administration, financial services, etc. HIS is mainly catered by doctors/physicians to generate records and providing continuity of care. HIS also helps in putting guardrail to errors caused by handwriting misreading, transcriptions. Hospital Information Technology is developed using a standards called HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) which is framed by American Hospital Association. Other area where IT is leveraged in healthcare system is – clinical studies. In clinical field IT is used in Clinical Data Management and Clinical Trial Automation. At Mahadhi Technologies we develop 3 main products which includes

  • Hospital Information System
  • Clinical Automation Software
  • Public Health Management

Our Contribution:

Mahadhi Technologies provides excellent support and solution in the healthcare industry. At Mahadhi Technologies we understand the needs of the healthcare industries requirement and we develop best-in-class solutions giving an eye for detail to every aspect. Mahadhi Technologies is augmented with well-experienced healthcare professionals who constantly interact with hospitals and industry experts and also get inputs from them to build a complete software product meeting all the need. Quality and perfection are our main motto and all the products which we develop are of the best quality. At Mahadhi Technologies, we have developed 3 main software products which are needed in the most of the healthcare organizations.

Hospital Management System – Haushad is a fully featured software package which helps in maintaining a hospital right from patient record maintenance to maintaining doctors and health professionals’ profiles. Haushad – Hospital Information System – comes with various modules and based on the requirement we deliver it to the clients. In addition, Haushad can be tailor made according to type of the hospital and based on the needs.

MayITry – Clinical Automation Software is other area where IT can be leveraged at the maximum for attaining perfection in the clinical study fields. Clinical studies involve complex protocols and procedures which require efficacy in data, as well as, storage and security which can be attained by utilizing IT in this domain. Our Clinical Information System – MayITry – delivers all the need and fills the gap where the existing system fails to accommodate.

Public Health Management is a service-oriented software tool developed by our experts. It is mainly developed to focus the government hospitals. It helps in maintaining the patients’ records, scrutinizing the data pertained to particular geographical location, this helps in monitoring the number of disease-cases recorded in the particular location. The tool greatly helps and takes healthcare services, provided by the Government to the next level.

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