Human Resource Management System

Human Resource is the main part of any organization. Human Resource Management is a tedious task when there is no proper structure or guidelines to be followed. We at Mahadhi Technologies have developed a comprehensive tool for Human Resource Management for SMEs as well as the Enterprises. Our system enables to monitor the FTEs and bring the proper utilization of human resources.

What we do:

We at Mahadhi Technologies consult as well as developed a HRMS tool which can be implemented in organizations.

Human resource management system is a comprehensive tool which can be used in any organization irrespective of its size for managing the human resource. Human resource management system includes several modules but not limited to

  • Attendance System – Every employee is given a unique id and password through which he can punch in his attendance which is automatically updated into the database. This is validated based on organization’s IP.
  • Professional Details – All the professional details such as team, Designation, Grade, Employee id, Date of joining, Pay scale, Reporting Head, PF No , Duration, Experience, Skill Sets, etc.
  • Employee’s Personal Details – Contains ALL the personal details of the employee
  • Organizational News - Recent happenings in the organization is updated on the human resource management system either daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.
  • Reminders – Various reminders such as Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries of the Employees will be automatically updated from the given inputs. Furthermore, reminders about claim submission, Taxation, etc. will also be automatically updated.
  • Tasks – Various tasks or such as Leave Requests, Permission Requests, Performance Forms submission, Forms raised by the higher authorities can be viewed and updated in the TASKS module.
  • Reports - Various reports such as Attendance Reports, Permission Reports can be viewed in this module and also the various tasks which are updated in the TASKS module can be viewed as a report in this module
  • Recruiting/Learning Administration – Recruiting and Learning module helps in induction, recruitment and scheduling learning sessions.

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