Insurance & Risk

Insurance and Risk – Past and Present Trends

Insurance and Risk is one of the most vital industry these days. Insurance Industry has grown to a greater extent. There are increasing number of insurance providers in India and throughout the Globe. Correspondingly, the number of people of people using the Insurance has increased tremendously. While the world go digital, people started wanting the insurance providers also to be digitalized. And thereby Insurance Providers started computerizing the processes in order to adapt to the digital world. There are many applications and software built for the Insurance Industry. All the mediclaims and insurance submissions have become easy and on the go due this revolution in the Insurance Industry.

Mahadhi Technologies provide adept software solutions for the Insurance-related Industries. We have developed an ERP system, an application to maintain the Insurance and mediclaims. We have also developed Retirement Processing System. Mahadhi Technologies provide unique, novel solution for insurance companies. We provide expert solutions for fraud and claims, consolidation, user-end web portal social media solutions

Risk is the process of identification, analysis and either acceptance or mitigation of uncertainty in investment decision making. Mahadhi Technologies has developed intuitive web-based application for Risk Management. Mahadhi Technologies by this web application helps organization arrive at a very complex business decisions. The Risk Management applications can be easily custom-made according to clients need and risk calculation formulae. Risk calculation has been a vital procedure in arriving at a complex business decisions and almost every microfinance or bank has a risk and fraud analysis department which constantly arrive at results which aids the management in taking decisions which are apt and risk-free.

Our Contribution:

Mahadhi Technologies has best-in-class software solution for Insurance and Risk which has many modules and features. These features can be custom-made according to the client needs and can be easily integrated into the existing client system. There are two variants of the applications developed which includes both the desktop version and the online version. Each variants has got its own advantages and disadvantages and clients can choose either of it based on their applications

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