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Manufacturing Industry – past and present trends:

Manufacturing is the main process which involves production of goods of various kinds. Manufacturing industry is mainly interconnected with the engineering and industrial designs. It embraces many sub industries and processes. Right from the small plastic bag production to the humongous heavy machineries production falls under the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry is driven by multi-various factors and parameters and includes many processes. At the outset, manufacturing process was controlled manually and there was huge scope of improvement such as materials management, supply chain management, inventory management, ERP systems.

Ultimately, the process which was managed manually had many shortcomings, there were many losses in material, energy, and human resources. After the advent of computer technologies, manufacturing industry processes were computerized and the process fine-tuning occurred. Initially, computer applications which were used in the manufacturing industry are the computer-aided designs, computer-aided manufacturing, etc. These applications were mainly used in designing and embedding the design to the manufacturing process. Later on, manufacturing industry started using the software applications to control the management process such as material management, supply chain management, inventory management, enterprise resource planning, etc. The database and data warehousing concepts are widely used in almost any manufacturing industry. The ever-evolving computer applications had always influenced this industry and had always sufficed in the process fine-tuning and perfection giving an eye for detail.

Our Contribution:

Mahadhi Technologies had stepped into the manufacturing industry providing wide-array of online and offline applications. We have Subject Matter Experts from the manufacturing industry and through them we get deep insights about the industry requirements. We at Mahadhi Technologies provide comprehensive software solution in the field of manufacturing. We develop various software applications for multitude of processes. Mahadhi Technologies provide solutions such as Material Management, Supply Chain Management and ERP system for Mahadhi Technologies. We leverage database, data warehousing concepts in building the applications. We at Mahadhi Technologies, understand our clients’ needs and requirements better and deliver what is expected out of us, since manufacturing process differs from client to client, all our solutions are customizable to the client needs and requirements.

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