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    Overarching all your Depot Management Needs
    A Depot Management System by Mahadhi Technologies
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    What makes MODITY a profound tool for Depot Management
    Effective Gate Movements and Repair Management
    Automated Repair Management Process
    Efficient Handling, Storage, Repair Billing to Customers
    Global Inventory Tracking
    Stores and Spares Automation
    Daily Activity Report to Customers
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    Various modules of Modity
    Gate Operations
    Repair Management
    Monthly Billing
    Reports and Analytics
    Stores and Spares
    Customer and Liner Tariff
    Global Inventory Management
    Mobile Application

Modity - Automate your Empty Depot Operations.

Modity is a complete solution for your Depot needs designed for Small- and Medium- Scale Depot Operations. Modity is affordable solution to Depot and is built by using latest open-source technologies. This works in Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Our Mobile Application is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Key Functions of the Modity

Gate Operations

Gate Operations includes Gate-in, Gate-out, handling, storage and inspection of Empty Containers. Mobile App photo upload feature enhance the way you manage your current gate operations.

Repair Management

Repair Management provides detailed options to manage and track repair cycle within the depot. All the detail line estimates of repair is prepared in the system and automated repair approval process is in place.

Monthly Billing

Monthly Billing is made easy through the system and handling, storage, repair bills will be generated as per the customer/line tariff.

Reports and Analytics

Reports for detailed sales, profit, expense, gate ops, inventory can be generated easily in Spreadsheet and Charts.
These reports aid in business intelligence and making complex business decisions.

Stores and Spares

Stores and Spares management within the depot is important to keep container spare parts list up to date and track the consumption effectively during the repair cycle of a container.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application aids in faster gate operations with actual photos of an Empty Container updated in sytem. It also provides smarter way of getting repair approval from customers/liners.

Advantages of Modity

User Friendly & Customizable

Easy to use interface and modality. Modity can be easily customized according to client's needs.

Intuitive Design

Be informed about your company's stock, inventory, gate ops by our intuitive algorithm.

Workflow Optimization

Optimize your workflow, without a glitch by leveraging Modity.

Platform Independent

Our solution can be easily set up in any computer irrespective of the operating system.

Report and Taxation

Get comprehensive reports in both Spreadsheet and charts for business intelligence and taxation purpose

Customer Retention

Know your customers better and value them by effectively managing Empty Container Movement and Repair Operations.

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