Online Reputation Management

Repute your Business, Online

Online reputation management system is a practice of understanding and influencing the company’s reputation. Mahadhi Technologies provide the best online reputation management. At Mahadhi Technologies, we understand the company’s profile, analyze the company’s reputation and helps in building a good reverence and guardrails from effects of bad or negative comments, reviews, and feedbacks made on various review sites, social medias and online complaints site, thereby maintaining a good reverence about the company.

Mahadhi Technologies team uses various techniques such as,

  • Astroturfing review sites
  • SEO techniques
  • Guardrail of negative/constructive feedbacks or reviews affecting company’s reputation

Mahadhi Technologies team builds a good reverence about the company by eliciting the positive comments by putting forth the milestones, success stories achieved by the company in various blogs, Social Media sites, and by rolling out of news, updates and promotions. Mahadhi Technologies team is always proactive rather reactive in updating blogs and posting in Social Media sites, which makes the company’s sites always staying at the top despite having many negative reviews and feedbacks in the Google/other Search engine results.

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