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Travel, Transportation & Hospitality – Past and Present Trends

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality industry is wide which includes lots of sub industries under it. It includes hostels, hotels, motels, resorts, bars, restaurants, travel agencies, tourism planning, etc. It had existed from time immemorial. This industry involves lots of processes and is a complex structure. Before the advent of IT, Travel, Transportation & Hospitality industries were managed using ledgers, visitor books, etc. The data which were recorded in these books involves Visitors Name, Address, Telephone Nos., Personnel proofs, Duration of visit, purpose of visit, etc. and in the hotel administrative point of view they will have to monitor and record available number of rooms, facilities, tables, etc. Matching and looking up the details to address an issue was a tedious task at hand for any responsible involved at this task.

With the advancement in IT, these records were maintained in an excel file. However, the need to ease and fine tune the process workflow was not met. After the advancement of data warehousing and database concepts, many solutions which aid this industry has been developed and has seen a considerable progress.

Our Contribution

Mahadhi Technologies has developed many novel solutions for the Travel, Transportation & Hospitality industry. Having elite subject matter experts in this field, we understand our client need better and provide best-in-class solutions. We provide software solutions for the shipping, airline, hotel management, and we have developed a web portal where tourists can find the places of tourist interests, hotels at the location and reviews. We also develop many web-based applications in order to serve the client’s need. We have developed web-based applications such as tracking of packages, currency convertors, in the logistics/import-export industries. Mahadhi Technologies also has the expertise in delivering a robust ERP system which satisfies the client needs. Mahadhi Technologies aims at automating all the process involved in travel, transportation, & hospitality industries right from inquiry to the decision making process, thereby fine-tunes the process workflow and helps in delivering high-quality throughput.

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